About Us


Background and Development

In today’s increasingly technology driven marketplace, it is critical to keep up with the latest innovations and solutions, in order to make the most of your investments and keep your business moving forward. So whether you are new to working with an IT Partner, or have worke with one for years, with St. Mary’s Computer Technologies Ltd you will find cost-efficient support, guidance and the inspiration you need to provide your business with a competitive advantage

St. Mary’s Computer Technologies Ltd is a full-service solution provider. Our head office is located in Mbarara and we support remote sites across the country. We place our focus on leveraging our infrastructure and footprint to support a broad spectrum of organisations with rapid deployment and emerging technologies.

We strive to deliver more efficient, effective and relevant quality services and solutions tailored to the increasingly complex demands of organisations, in order to boost productivity of operations and to maximise value for our customers.

St. Mary’s Computer Technologies Ltd also strives towards technology that provides a real advantage to a business. The most powerful connection that a business can make is through all its stakeholders. St. Mary’s Computer Technologies Ltd binds together business and technology

Over the years, St. Mary’s Computer Technologies Ltd has evolved into an advanced solutions provider, focused on
servicing customers and creating value through long term relationships that we build

“Technology is not just about speeding up the process and allowing flexibility, but it can transform how a business functions and will save a company time and money if implemented and maintained properly.”

- St. Mary’s Computer Technologies Ltd